What I Can Offer
Today’s Media Marketplace offers advertisers virtually an unlimited choice which means your budget can be spent very quickly if you are not careful.

I believe in a smart and balanced approach to your media planning. I fully understand the strength and weaknesses of both traditional media and the new emerging media. So I can position your campaigns in exactly the right place at the right time.

Create and operate a fully functional system tailor made to reach and engage with your target audience in the most effective way to really focus on your ROI.

Conduct demographic research using the latest cutting edge reporting technology to make all your campaigns a success.

Services Include:
Banner Advertising, Lead Generation, Social Media Optimisation, Contextual Advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Affiliate Marketing, Behavioral Marketing , Paid For Search (PPC), Media Inserts, Press & Magazine Advertising, Regional Press, Direct Response Marketing, Product Launches, Press Releases.

Internet Website Design
From initial consultation and analysis to publication, we can produce websites that are tailored to your company’s needs and give you a professional presence on the Internet. From stylish front end graphics to building powerful database driven solutions.

Graphic Design
I can offer corporate Identity and brand development and Implement powerful design strategies to enhance your service or products. Utilising the latest technologies and design skills and can create designs that reflect your corporate style. My design services include designing for print including brochure design, copywriting, exhibition displays, video and photography.

Interactive multimedia products can incorporate quality graphics, text, high quality sound, photographic images, video (stills and true full motion), and seamless interactivity. DVD’s hold large volumes of information on a small, durable disk, and are simple and cost effective to distribute.

Laptop and interactive video presentations
Your next presentation can be more than just a video or flipchart. Audiences respond to video, graphics and quality sound. If you combine these into one interactive package where the presenter can control the structure and pace of delivery, you have a powerful and engaging presentation. Interactive presentations allow you to select and play a video sequence or voiceover, or display an image or text without having to shuttle the VHS tape, wrestle with flipcharts or load numerous slides.

IT and PC Support
I can provide a complete network for your business using wired, wireless or hybrid solutions. Supply PC and software solutions. Can also put together the perfect IT support package that meets the exact requirements to your business.